April 4, 2024

10,500,000 $BEVM Airdrop Campaign with Binance Web3 Wallet

Welcome to this joint campaign held by Binance Web3 wallet and BEVM! BEVM is the first EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer2 based on Taproot Consensus, which is dedicated to expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem with Binance Web3 wallet with this wonderful campaign and exclusive rewards.

Let’s explore together!

  • Prize Pool: 10,500,000(0.5%) $BEVM Token and 500k(0.5%) $OSHI Airdrop.
  • The more shares you get, the more $BEVM you will win.
  • We have three very simple tasks. After completing tasks, you’ll earn shares which determines your available amount for $BEVM.

Task Tutorial

  1. Please create your own Binance wallet and click "Receive" or "Transfer".
  1. You can click "Transfer In" to move funds directly from your Binance exchange to your Binance Wallet. You will need around $20-25 worth $BTC on Bitcoin Network, or $20-25 worth $ETH on Arbitrum/Optimism.
  2. Visit the Campaign page, you can connect your binance wallet and copy address to receive funds.
  1. You can see there are three tasks at the end of page.


Deposit BTC(Once Task)

We provide two routes to receive $BTC on BEVM, from Bitcoin and from major Ethereum L2s(Arbitrum/Optimism/zkSync/Base/opBNB/Linea...).

We suggest you to bridge at least 0.0004 $BTC.

The route from Bitcoin to BEVM enables unlimited amounts. The cost depends on the fee rate(Sat per byte) of Bitcoin, which will take from $2 - $5.

Deposit BTC from Bitcoin to BEVM
  1. Click "GET 200 SHARES".
  1. If you have $BTC in your Binance wallet, please connect your EVM and Bitcoin wallets.
  1. Then you can input the value and click transfer to bridge $BTC from Bitcoin to BEVM. Note: It will take about 30 minutes to receive assets on BEVM. Because we need to wait 3 block confirmations on Bitcoin.
Deposit $BTC from Ethereum L2s(Arbitrum/Optimism/zkSync/Base/opBNB/Linea...) to BEVM
  1. Click "GET 200 SHARES".
  1. If you have $ETH in your Binance wallet, please click "Third - Party Bridge".
  1. Connect Wallet and select Arbitrum/Optimism as the source chain. Click "+21" if you don't find the chain you want to select. There is a limited amount per transaction(0.1 $eth).
  1. Make sure BEVM Mainnet is the Destination Chain. Input the amount of $ETH you would like to bridge.
  1. Click "Swap" and confirm the Transaction, then your $ETH will be swapped for $BTC on BEVM in seconds.


Create Position on Satoshi(Once Task)

Welcome to Satoshi Prtocool, the first CDP built on BEVM. Allow users to deposit BTC as collateral, borrow stablecoin SAT to share a total of 500k OSHI Airdrop.

How to Find Satoshi Protocol

  • Open Binance → Wallet → Click Web3 Tab
  • Explore → Search Satoshi Protocol → Open → Check and confirm

How to Create Position

  1. Connect Wallet
  2. Go to Position
  3. Input BTC Amount → Borrow SAT ( at least 10 SAT )
    1. ( Optional ) Fill in your referrer, Get 150+ points
  4. Approve Transaction
  5. Click “Create Position”
  6. Done

How to Close my Position

  • Send 0.0001 BTC to Metamsk wallet
  • Connect to BEVMSwap
  • Swap BTC for 0.1 SAT
  • Send SAT to your binance wallet
  • Go to Satoshi APP → Position Page
  • → Close Tab → Click Approvef
  • Click Close Position
  • Done → You get SAT back


  • What is Satoshi Protocol ?
    •   Satoshi Protocol is the first CDP built on BEVM and aims to unleash trillions worth of BTC liquidity.
    •   Users can deposit BTC as collateral to borrow the SAT stablecoin pegged to $1. The operation of SAT involves over-collateralization, liquidation, and arbitrage mechanisms.
  • What is the SAT ?
    • SAT is the dollar-pegged stablecoin, which is backed by BTC with over-collateralization. If the position's collateral ratio drops below 110%, it will trigger liquidation, using Stability Pool to repay debt.
    • In short, SAT is over-collateralized with a liquidation mechanism and stability pool for debt repayment.
  • Why do I borrow 10 SAT, but my Debt is 12 SAT.
    • To close your position, you only need an extra ~ 0.05 SAT, which you can get from BEVMSwap.
    • Why is there an extra 2 SAT in your debt ? It's for Gas compensation.
    • The additional 2 SAT is reserved for gas compensation and added to the total debt. This amount is designed to cover the potential costs associated with the liquidation process. If the Position remains unliquidated, this 2 SAT gas fee reserve is returned to the borrower upon closing the Position.
  • How much SAT should I repay for closing the position
    •   Your debt - 2 SAT = You actually need to repay. Watch the case
    • 13 SAT in wallet
    • 12.06 SAT in Debt.
    • Approve → Close position
    • You still have 2.94 SAT in your wallet
    • Which means you repay 10.06 SAT in this case
    • Case : Repay & Close your Position
  • How do I close my position ?
    • To repay & close your position, you'll need an extra ~ 0.05 SAT
    • Because when you borrow SAT, there's 0.5% one-time minting fees
  • What fee would be charged when using Satoshi protocol
    • 0.5% One-time minting Fee, which will be charged when you borrow SAT/
    • 4.5% annual interest rate, which will be added to your total debt gradually when you're borrowing the SAT.


Daily Check-in(Daily Task)

  1. Click "GET 10 SHARES" and confirm the transaction, it will cost ~$0.23. It will be automatically verified.
  2. Then you have finished the daily task today! Come back and finish it tomorrow!

How to Check your $BEVM and $OSHI?

Check $BEVM

  1. Visit the Campaign page, then you can see "YOUR SHARES". Your shares determine your $BEVM.
  1. Click the refresh button if you have finished the task but no shares.
  1. After the campaign, all of your SHARES will be exchanged to $BEVM token on 9th, May, 2024. All of the $BEVM will be directly airdropped into your wallets at TGE(by 1st, Oct, 2024).

Check $OSHI

There will be an Airdrop Page in Satoshi, then you can check your $OSHI amount on 9th May, 2024.

All of the $OSHI will be directly airdropped into your wallets at TGE(by 1st, Aug, 2024).


If you have any problem, please join in BEVM or Satoshi Protocol Discord.


Satoshi Protocol: