January 25, 2024

Announcing Incentivized BEVM Testnet Fullnode Program

To #Bitcoin and BEVM OGs, community members, investors,

BEVM is planning to launch its Mainnet at the end of Q1, 2024. Before that, we will launch the BEVM Testnet which has the same codebase as BEVM Mainnet and will be used to test the security and Dapps deployment. It is a key step towards launching a secure, performant, and decentralized Bitcoin Layer2.

Today, we are ready to announce the incentivized BEVM Testnet Fullnode program. All of the BEVM testnet Fullnode operators will be incentivized in BEVM Mainnet token. BEVM welcomes you to run your own BEVM incentivized Fullnode on the upcoming Testnet in the next 2–3 months. This initiative marks a significant advancement in our commitment to offering comprehensive, user-centric services for developers looking to innovate on #BTClayer2.

Fullnodes are pivotal in empowering decentralized validators to prioritize and expedite transaction processing, thus enhancing the efficiency of the write path. For those aspiring to become a decentralized validator on BEVM Mainnet to share $BTC transaction fee and BEVM token, running a Fullnode is a prerequisite.

Ready to set up your BEVM Fullnode on Testnet? Comprehensive documentation is available on our GitHub page to guide you through the process.


Check your node:

Note, Fullnode can only run in Ubuntu.

The relationship and differences between BEVM Testnet and BEVM Canary Network?

  1. Both Canary Network and Testnet are crucial milestones of BEVM. The Canary Network proves that our scheme is landable and can handle high concurrency. The Testnet is an important attempt to achieve a decentralized L2.
  2. BEVM Canary Network has been launched in a real environment from June, 2023 which means you can use your real assets($BTC, BRC20 tokens) to experience the Bitcoin ecosystem. However, BEVM Testnet uses test $BTC as gas.
  3. BEVM Testnet has the same codebase as BEVM Mainnet, it further optimizes the codes of BEVM Canary Network.
  4. Time cost of $BTC withdrawal. From the business logic, the BEVM Testnet and Mainnet will automatically process Bitcoin assets withdrawals based on MAST contracts, which will reduce withdrawal time by more than 90% while ensuring security.
  5. Gas Fee. On BEVM Canary Network, there is the fixed gas price(0.05 gwei). However, we will introduce dynamic gas rates on BEVM Testnet and BEVM Mainnet.
  6. For those who would like to build on BEVM, the Testnet can save their cost. For those who would like to experience and earn more on BEVM, the Canary Network can provide a richer ecosystem.

Please note, now the only way to interact on Testnet is to deploy fullnode. The bridge from Bitcoin Testnet to BEVM Testnet will be launched soon.

If you have any problem, please ask in our “Node-RunnerDiscord channel.