July 5, 2024

BEVM Ecosystem Monthly Report VOL.1 | 6.1-6.30

As we step into this vibrant summer month, the BEVM ecosystem has witnessed significant development and progress. We have not only launched several ecosystem development plans and welcomed new partners but also held community meetings and events. We are delighted to see more and more developers and users participating, collectively driving the prosperity of the BEVM ecosystem.

Let's dive into the exciting stories of June. Let's go!

June Milestone Data Statistics

Before diving into more content, we want to share some astonishing data and metrics achieved by the BEVM ecosystem in June:

  • BEVM mainnet active addresses exceeded 800,000.
  • Total transaction volume surpassed 5 million.
  • Over 200,000 addresses participated in the BVB plan.
  • BEVM DAO participants exceeded 166,000, with over 5.97 million tasks completed.

Major Events of the Month

1. BEVM-Stack Testnet

This month, we officially launched the BEVM-Stack testnet, which is compatible with the OP Stack and uses WBTC as Gas, truly linking the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. We also launched a testnet experience event. Over 49,155 NFTs were claimed during the event, which has now successfully concluded. Thank you to all community partners for your support!

2. BVB Plan

We launched the $60 million Visionary Builders Ecosystem Incentive Plan (BVB Plan), covering 17 tracks including DEX, Lending, StableCoin, Derivatives, Launchpad, Staking Protocol, etc. The plan received over 200 project applications, with over 200,000 participating addresses. We shortlisted 101 projects for community voting in the first phase. The top three projects currently are: Satoshi Protocol, Coral Finance, and OmniBTC.
3. Hashrate RWA

As the only BTC Layer2 project invested by Bitcoin mining manufacturer Bitmain, we announced a strong push for the computing power RWA ecosystem under the guidance of our computing power giant partners. We launched a $10 million computing power RWA ecosystem support plan, focusing on supporting 10-20 computing power RWA startup teams, with several projects already in the preparation stage.

Ecosystem News

1. Ecosystem Activities

Over the past month, we have collaborated with more than 12 projects in areas including infrastructure, oracles, tools, DeFi, and more. The ORDINALS-RUNES airdrop event has entered its third phase. All BEVM users, especially GenesisBox holders, can open your boxes to earn ECO points and exchange them for ORDINALS-RUNES:

Our co-branded airdrop event with Bybit Wallet has also successfully concluded. We provided 1.47 million token airdrop rewards. By completing a series of on-chain tasks, participants had the chance to win high-value blind box rewards.

Event Records:
- ORDINALS-RUNES Airdrop Event Phase 3
- Bybit Web3 Airdrop Event Successfully Concluded
2. Ecosystem Partnerships

Here are the collaborations with specific ecosystem projects over the past month: Supra, Omnity Network, Polyflow, Pea.AI, StakeStone, SPACE ID, CYCLE NETWORK, APRO Oracle, Verda City, HyperPay, Ligo, OpenBit App.

Ecosystem Data

This month, our ecosystem data has shown explosive growth, reaching milestones:

  • Twitter followers and Discord members have exceeded 300K.
  • Total transaction volume surpassed 4 million.
  • BVB participating addresses exceeded 200K.

Our other activities are also progressing steadily. BEVM DAO participants reached 166,000, with over 5.97 million tasks completed. There are over 90 ecosystem projects, indicating that more partners are joining the Bitcoin ecosystem construction. Whether ordinary users or project parties, they are all contributing to the ecosystem in their own way.

1. Social Media Data
  • Twitter: 355,440
  • Discord: 321,524
  • Telegram: 18,742
2. Active Addresses

Mainnet active addresses have surpassed 800,000!
3. Transaction Data

Total transaction volume has reached 5 million, see details:
4. Ecosystem Projects

As of the end of June, there are over 90 ecosystem projects based on the BVB plan, see the chart below:


As of July 1st, the number of participants: 166,014, tasks completed: 5,975,460 times.

Meetings and Activities

This month, we hosted 11 online meetings, discussing with our crypto partners the significance of RWA computing power assets for the Bitcoin ecosystem, the DeFi potential for miners, how cross-chain bridges connect the EVM and BTC ecosystems, the potential of liquid staking in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and more. We also participated in over 3 offline events, discussing Bitcoin ecosystem-related content with partners from around the world, sharing our insights on Bitcoin Layer2, and promoting the prosperity of the Bitcoin ecosystem with more visionary builders.

1. Online

- 4 Discord AMAs & 7 Twitter AMAs:

2. Offline

- Offline event in Vietnam:

- Consensus in Texas and #NYTechWeek in New York:

- Sponsored Bitmain WDMS event (6.17-6.18):

-Hakan attended