January 25, 2024

BEVM Global Ambassador Recruitment Program

BEVM, an EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer2 with $BTC as gas, is a leading Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) network dedicated to expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem and integrating $BTC into the broader EVM ecosystem.

BEVM has an ambitious goal to bring 10% of BTC into its L2 network. We are steadily progressing towards this monumental target!

On BEVM Canary Network, over 20 projects have been deployed, leading to a peak deposit of nearly 500 $BTC, which excites us. The Bitcoin ecosystem is poised for explosive growth, and Bitcoin L2 will be a critical infrastructure to support this surge. Imagine, BEVM becoming the brightest star in this field.

There is an unprecedented opportunity to build the Bitcoin ecosystem and develop BEVM. We invite you to join us in achieving the grand vision of expanding Bitcoin applications.

About the BEVM Ambassador Program, here’s what you need to know:

  • 🤝We hope Ambassadors can help us:

Promotion: Actively share and promote BEVM’s latest developments and project information through various channels and social media platforms, helping the project gain more exposure and informing users about BEVM.

Community Building: Engage in community activities, answer community members’ questions, promote communication and collaboration, and help expand and increase community activity.

Content Creation: The Bitcoin ecosystem is still in its early stages and requires a lot of content for market education. High-quality, easily shareable content is essential, and we hope you can create various types of content, such as text, images, and videos, to help the Bitcoin ecosystem and BEVM gain better market and user recognition.

Ecosystem Expansion: As a Layer 2 network, the prosperity of the ecosystem is our core need. Quality projects are the foundation, and we look forward to you recommending outstanding developers and teams to develop and build on BEVM.

Feedback: BEVM is a team that is very willing to listen to community opinions. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback to help continuously improve and optimize the project.

  • 🗳️How to Become an Ambassador?

Click here to apply through the form (The first phase application deadline is February 15th)

Please ensure to provide your correct email address and wait for the BEVM team to contact you.

Join the BEVM Ambassador Preparatory Community and actively participate in assessment tasks. The list of ambassadors will be announced.

This process will take a considerable amount of time, so please be patient and keep following us. This is a continuous new journey, and we look forward to walking it with you!

  • 🤩Benefits of Being an Ambassador

As an important force in the construction of the BEVM ecosystem, BEVM ambassadors will receive generous rewards, including but not limited to:

1)Exclusive Ambassador NFTs: Symbolizing great honor and identity.

2)Ambassador Point Rewards: Ambassadors enjoy fixed points and contribution rewards, which will also be used for future mainnet token airdrop exchanges.

3)Priority access to whitelists for quality projects in the ecosystem.

4)Special contributors may also have the opportunity to receive stablecoin rewards and even become members of the BEVM team.

These are just a few examples. BEVM is committed to allocating 50% of its mainnet tokens for ecosystem and community incentives. Every contribution you make will be recorded and rewarded accordingly. This is our promise.

We are looking forward to applications from users worldwide, speaking different languages and from various cities, for the BEVM Global Ambassador Program. Join us in building a more prosperous BTC ecosystem!