June 19, 2024

BEVM Stack Testnet Campaign Officially Launched


Enhancing the scalability of the Bitcoin network can be approached in two main ways: building a high-performance smart contract platform and utilizing Layer2 solutions. Both methods aim to expand Bitcoin's decentralization and performance.

This is exactly what the BEVM Stack is building.

Given its compatibility with the EVM platform, the BEVM-Stack can seamlessly integrate with both EVM and Bitcoin Layer2s, maximizing the expansion of the Bitcoin network. It facilitates a decentralized connection with the ETH mainnet and retains the essential feature of decentralized expansion of Bitcoin to the EVM platform through Taproot Consensus.

With recent significant progress, we are excited to launch a BEVM-Stack testnet compatible with the OP Stack, using WBTC as gas, to support community testing.

All participants  will receive dual rewards of $OP and $BEVM tokens, and will be recorded as exclusive NFT certifacte holders for their contributions to the development and progress of the BEVM Stack.

Campaign Overview:

Task Porcess:

  1. Open the campaign link first:
  2. Social Tasks: Follow the official Twitter accounts of BEVM, Optimism, and WBTC.
  3. Bridge Task: Complete a bridge interaction on the BEVM Stack Testnet.
  4. Claim your exclusive NFT commemorative badge as the proof of future rewards.

Event Duration: From June 21 to June 30, lasting 10 days.

Bridge Tutorial: 

Step 1: Open the website, and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Go to Discord and official Ethereum Sepolia to claim your faucet with your EVM address.

Step 3: Wait a moment to receive 0.1 $WBTC testcoin. Input the amount and click the [Transfer] button. 

Step 4: Confirm the transaction in your wallet, and click [History].

Step 5: After completing the bridge, don't forget to claim your exclusive NFT.

That’s it! It’s a very simple process but you’ve made something different. If you encounter any problems, feel free to ask for help on our Discord or Telegram!