May 29, 2024

BEVM x Bybit Airdrop Event Tutorial: Complete the Mission to Share Millions of $BEVM Tokens

Bybit Web3 Wallet, in collaboration with the BEVM ecosystem project, is launching an airdrop reward event. By using the Bybit Wallet to complete cross-chain transactions, staking, lending, and trading, you have a chance to share millions of $BEVM tokens. The event starts on May 28 and ends on June 28, lasting for one month.

BEVM is one of the most well-known Bitcoin Layer2 solutions. The team has been deeply involved in Bitcoin scaling for 7 years, accumulating rich technical expertise. In the context of the overall upgrade of the Bitcoin ecosystem, the BEVM team has chosen to adopt technologies such as Schnorr signature, MAST contract, and BTC light nodes to achieve the best balance between network expansion and decentralization while ensuring BTC's security. BEVM has attracted the attention of investors focused on the BTC ecosystem from both the East and West and completed a financing round.

Event Details:

  1. Event Period: 2024/05/28 – 2024/06/28
  2. Event Link: Bitcoin Layer-2 Airdrop Season: BEVM | Bybit
  3. Interaction Cost: Estimated cost for withdrawal, cross-chain, and interaction is around $25, with actual consumption around $5
  4. Event Rewards: BEVM token blind boxes + potential airdrops from ecosystem projects

Task List:

  1. Complete social media tasks on Twitter
  2. Cross-chain BTC to BEVM
  3. Bido Task: Stake BTC
  4. Satoshi Task: Lend SAT stablecoins
  5. BEVMSwap Task: Complete at least one transaction
  6. OOOO Money Task: Complete at least one cross-chain transaction

Complete any task to open a token blind box and randomly receive BEVM token airdrops. Completing more tasks allows you to open more blind boxes and share more BEVM tokens. The latter part of the text will provide a detailed introduction to the ecosystem projects and a step-by-step tutorial on completing the airdrop tasks.

What is BEVM?

BEVM is a fully decentralized Layer2 solution designed to offer Bitcoin users a more convenient and efficient experience through Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and advanced underlying technology.

The core advantage of BEVM lies in its unique technical architecture:

  • It adopts a WASM public chain network, which operates more efficiently, allowing BTC light nodes to directly obtain data from the BTC network.
  • The Taproot upgrade and aggregate signature algorithm significantly reduce transaction data volume and costs, enhancing network throughput.
  • The MAST contract framework and Schnorr signatures improve BEVM's flexibility and scalability.

Thanks to its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, BEVM supports development using Solidity and mainstream wallet applications like MetaMask, lowering the usage barrier for users. Currently, the BEVM ecosystem has deployed several projects, including the BTC-backed USD stablecoin project Satoshi Protocol.

The BEVM team boasts extensive blockchain development experience and has garnered recognition from leading investment institutions, including Bitmain. BEVM's vision is to create a decentralized BTC Layer2 compatible with EVM, providing Bitcoin users with richer application scenarios and a better user experience.

How to Participate in the BEVM x Bybit Airdrop Event

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the BEVM x Bybit airdrop tasks. Each completed task allows you to open a token blind box and share BEVM token rewards. You can also refer to this YouTube video for detailed task strategies: Step by Step Guide to Join BEVM Airdrop by Using Bybit Web3 Wallet

1. Install Bybit Wallet
  • Search and download Bybit Wallet from the Chrome Web Store and complete the wallet setup.
  • Download link:
  • Withdraw BTC to the Bybit Wallet Taproot format BTC address.
  • Visit the Bybit website and navigate to Web3 → Earn → Airdrop Arcade.

2. Complete BEVM Tasks
  • Connect the Bybit Web3 Wallet plugin.
  • Bind your Twitter account and follow BEVM and Bybit Web3.
  • Go to the BEVM official bridge and cross-chain BTC to the BEVM mainnet.

     - Step 1: Connect the Bitcoin wallet, connect the BEVM wallet, and select Bybit Wallet.

     - Step 2: Enter the amount of BTC to cross-chain, click Transfer, and complete the cross-chain process (estimated waiting time is about 20 minutes).

(Note: The estimated cost for withdrawal, cross-chain, and interaction is around $25, so it is recommended to prepare at least 0.001 BTC (~70 USD) to participate in this event).

3. Complete Bido Staking Task

Bido is a staking liquidity protocol within the BEVM ecosystem. Users can stake BTC to support node operations and receive interest-bearing stBTC. This yield comes from 50% of the total on-chain transaction fees on the BEVM network. After its launch in mid-April, Bido's short-term annualized yield (APY) even reached 580%, attracting many users to stake BTC.

To complete this task, use the Bybit Web3 Wallet to stake BTC on Bido.

Task Details:

1. Visit the Bido website and connect the Bybit Wallet.

2. Stake BTC and receive stBTC.

3. Navigate to Warp in the menu and wrap stBTC into wstBTC.

4.Complete the Satoshi Stablecoin Lending Task

Satoshi Protocol aims to be a universal stablecoin protocol within the BTC ecosystem. Users can use BTC as collateral to borrow SAT stablecoins, pegged to 1 USD, for use within the ecosystem. This initiative is expected to unlock potential trillion-dollar liquidity within the Bitcoin ecosystem, providing users with a way to improve capital efficiency while holding Bitcoin.

To complete this task, use BTC or wstBTC as collateral to borrow SAT stablecoins on the Satoshi Protocol (the tutorial uses wstBTC as an example).

Task Details:

1. Visit the Satoshi Protocol website and connect the Bybit Wallet.

2. Navigate to Position in the menu → Select wstBTC → Click Create.

3. Set a referrer address (you can earn an additional 150 Points).

   - For more information on the use of Points, refer to the Satoshi Referral Program: Leaderboard — Referral Program.

4. Follow the steps shown below to deposit wstBTC and borrow SAT. Click Approve, then click Create Position.

5.Complete the BEVMSwap Exchange Task

BEVMSwap is an AMM DEX that provides stable swaps and automated concentrated liquidity on the BEVM BTC L2. BEVMSwap has officially launched on the BEVM mainnet and supports multiple trading pairs and liquidity pools, including BTC, wBTC, SAT, and wstBTC.

To complete this task, perform at least one swap on BEVMSwap.

Task Details:

1. Visit the BEVMSwap website and connect the Bybit Wallet.

2. Swap SAT for BTC.

3. Click Confirm Swap and complete the transaction confirmation in your wallet.

6.Complete the Cross-chain Task

OOOO Money is a modular cross-chain bridge focused on the Bitcoin ecosystem. It supports asset transfers across multiple Bitcoin Layer2 chains, allowing users to transfer BTC-related native assets safely, quickly, and cheaply within the ecosystem.

To complete this task, use the Bybit Wallet to cross-chain BTC from BEVM to Merlin or other chains via

Task Details:

1. Visit the website

2. Click Bridge to enter the cross-chain page, connect the Bybit Wallet, and select to transfer from BEVM. Choose Merlin chain as the destination, fill in and confirm the receiving address.

3. Enter the amount of assets to cross-chain and click Transfer.

After completing the above steps, you can transfer BTC back from the Merlin chain to the BEVM mainnet to continue experiencing other BEVM ecosystem content.


BEVM has been live on the mainnet for less than two months and has already become the first BTC Layer2 project to partner with Binance Wallet, airdropping exclusive Ordinal Runes to users. The upcoming BEVM x Bybit airdrop event is a great opportunity to experience the BEVM ecosystem and earn token rewards.

In the future, BEVM will continue to forge ahead, innovate, and develop, providing users with a safer, more efficient, and more convenient Bitcoin Layer2 experience.

Join now and be part of the feast!