January 25, 2024

BEVM × Thirdweb: Unlocking more possibilities on BTClayer2

TL;DR: Thirdweb expands to BEVM Canary Network, the first #Bitcoin layer2 in its history. After the integration, Thirdweb provides ERC1155, NFT drops, and marketplaces for the BEVM Canary Network.

Thirdweb is one of the best Web3 development platforms that enables developers to integrate Web3 functionality into their applications. It provides pre-built smart contracts to create products such as NFT drops, marketplaces, and software development kits (SDKs) for building products from scratch. This integration marks the first #Bitcoin layer2 for Thirdweb.

While it is a significant milestone for Thirdweb and BEVM, it is the beginning. Shortly, BEVM and Thirdweb will unlock more possibilities in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Thirdweb has introduced 5 audited pre-built contracts into the BEVM Canary Network. NFT drop, ERC20 Token, NFT Collection, ERC1155, and ERC1155 drop. Now, feel free to start your journey on BEVM with one click.

As the first EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer2 using $BTC as gas, BEVM can unlock the potential and possibilities of EVM resources on Bitcoin Layer2 with the help of Thirdweb.

BTW, BEVM will launch our OG NFT based on Thirdweb in the next 2 days. If you are eligible for BEVM OG NFT or have an “OG” role in our Discord, don’t forget to mint it!