January 25, 2024

BTC Layer 2 First Odyssey Campaign STARTS!

BEVM, as a BTC Layer 2, received tremendous support since we released Whitepaper NFT, and OG NFT, both as a token of appreciation for the pioneers of the BEVM Canary network.

Don’t worry if you missed the chance to be one of our early supporters. Odyssey is here!

With low gas costs and a 3-minute time investment, we are holding the emission to showcase the actual viability and expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We want people to understand that Bitcoin is more than just a value-storing token; it can also be a system that can surpass Ethereum!

The Odyssey has a total of 9 tasks, users who complete tasks will earn points, which are related to future incentives.

1)Task 1–3 OmniBTC Cross-Chain Bridge (Arb to BEVM)

Enter in website:

Choose Source chain: Arbitrum; Destination chain: BEVM

The source chain’s token can be anything but the destination chain’s token only have two choice: $BTC or $SATS

We divide into three ranks, you can choose whatever you like.

  • Bridge less than 200U: 15 points
  • Bridge 200U-500U: Receive 30 points
  • Bridge >=500U: Receive 50 points.

2) Task 4: Bridge from Bitcoin to BEVM — Any Amount

Enter in website:

Full Tutorial:

3) Taks 5: Make a Bridge from BEVM — Any Amount

For this task, you can bridge either on OmniBTC(to Arbitrum) or BSwap(to Bitcoin). Just switch the destination chain and source chain.

4) Task 6: Make a swap in Bswap — Any Amount

Enter in website:

Full Tutorial:

5) Task 7: LP Addition in Bswap — Any Amount

Enter in website:

Full Tutorial:

6) Task 8: Red Envelope Sharing on Twitter in Bswap

Enter in website:

Full Tutorial:

7) Task 9: BEVM OG NFT Whitelist Ownership

Users who own the BEVM OG NFT whitelist by completing zealy tasks will receive 10 points.

If you have already Minted the OG NFT when it’s available, you can get an additional 20 points.

That’s all! If you have any problems, feel free to contact us in discord.