May 17, 2024

Join the 'Million Runes Airdrop' Campaign: A Special Thank You to Our Early Supporters!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting new program series, the upcoming BEVM 'Million Runes Airdrop' Incentive Campaign! To express our immense gratitude to our early community supporters, all early NFT holders and campaign participants will be eligible to receive our special ORDINALS•RUNES gifts. More specific details will be disclosed as each phase unfolds. 

Read the initial outline and join us on a journey filled with adventure, rewards, and exploration of the Web3 universe!

Event Details:
Duration: May 28, 2024 - July 28, 2024
Participation: Open to all community members

The whole airdrop campaign will be divided into four phases; let's dive into a brief overview of each phase.

Phase One

Web3 Wallet Airdrop: Users who participate in our wallet airdrop activities are qualified for exclusive rewards.

Supported Wallets:

  • Binance Wallet Airdrop (Already distributed)
  • Bybit Wallet Airdrop: May 23, 2024 - June 23, 2024
  • Other platform wallet activities: To be announced
Phase Two
Glory Rewards: Earn ORDINALS•RUNES by holding BEVM Whitepaper NFTs and OG NFTs.
Date: May 23, 2024 - June 5, 2024 (Two weeks)

During this phase, holders of BEVM Whitepaper and OG NFTs will have the opportunity to claim a specific amount of ORDINALS•RUNES based on their activity within the BEVM network.

Whitepaper NFT holders need to connect an EVM address by bridging a transaction on the official bridge. The snapshot will be taken on May 23 at 0:00 (UTC+8).

Phase Three:
ECO Points Expedition: Participate in GenesisBoxes (GBX) exploration and earn ECO Points through voting.
Date: June 5, 2024 - July 5, 2024 (1 month)

GenesisBox (GBX) is an early ecosystem asset, rewarding users who supported us during the Mainnet launch. Holders can open their Genesis Box to receive a random number of ECO Points, ranging from 1000 to 2000. After opening, the Genesis Box will be consumed.

ECO Points come from our upcoming ecosystem voting page, allowing the community to support their favorite protocols while receiving ECO Points for their engagement.

For project teams, voting results will partially determine their ranking in Grant (BEVM Ecosystem Fund Incentive Program). For voters, all community members can support their favorite projects, with high voting power influencing future rewards.

The BEVM Team will allocate assets worth $60 million to be distributed among ecosystem projects involved in the ECO Points activity and users participating in the voting process. The distribution of BEVM tokens will be based on the proportion of ECO Points earned by participating users.

Finally, community members can claim ORDINALS.RUNES based on their ECO Points. All participants will share in the total ORDINALS.RUNES rewards during this Runes feast!

Phase Four:
Launch of ORDINALS.RUNES SWAP: Engage with the BEVM ecosystem DEX platform and unlock new features.

In this phase, the BEVM ecosystem and its associated project teams will introduce new features for ORDINALS.RUNES and activate additional benefits.

In this two-month-long incentive campaign, community members will collect valuable ECO Points by completing quests and challenges to claim their expected rewards. Whether you're new to Web3 or an experienced enthusiast, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills and accumulate rewards.

We believe that through this campaign, community members will not only gain substantial rewards but also forge connections with like-minded individuals. Let's collaborate to explore and drive the development of the Web3 community.

Don't miss out on this exciting ‘Million Runes Airdrop’ opportunity! Join us now for the ‘RUNES Expedition’, share in the million ORDINALS.RUNES airdrop rewards, and experience unprecedented fun and challenges!