January 25, 2024

The BEVM Helsinki Program is Officially Launched

As the first phase of the #BEVM ecological experience activity concludes, we deeply feel the enthusiasm from community users for the Bitcoin ecosystem and the development of BEVM. During the first activity, we gained the attention and participation of over 80,000 users. We thank every user who participated in the event and provided suggestions and feedback. Your attention and support make us better.

As one of the few BTC Layer2 projects that have launched a Canary Network, BEVM’s ecosystem is flourishing. Currently, there are over 20 projects deployed on the BEVM Canary Network, including Bridges, DEXes, inscription protocols, socialFi, gameFi, and NFT marketplaces. Users can now experience a wealth of BTC-based dapps on BEVM.

Thanks to the development of the ecosystem, BEVM Canary Network has achieved great success, with 5,849,512 transactions and 77,806 asset-holding users. BEVM’s growth stems from and depends on community support. We firmly believe that success can only be achieved by standing closely with community users and listening to their feedback.

Therefore, BEVM has initiated the “Helsinki” plan, inviting more community users to explore BEVM’s ecosystem and provide valuable feedback and suggestions.


What is “Helsinki”?

On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin network on a small server in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and mined the genesis block.

Hence, Helsinki holds a significant place in the history of Bitcoin, symbolizing the birthplace of the Bitcoin network.

To honor Satoshi Nakamoto and commemorate the birthplace of Bitcoin, we have named the second phase of the BEVM user experience plan the Helsinki Plan! Helsinki, the birthplace of Bitcoin, is also the starting point of the cryptocurrency industry.

BEVM, as a BTC Layer2 network, carries the mission of further expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Helsinki Plan will encourage more users and projects to participate in the construction of the BTC L2 ecosystem.

BEVM is also pleased to see other BTC L2 projects use the name “Helsinki” as an incentive plan for the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem, encouraging more people to participate in the construction of the BTC ecosystem. In Helsinki, participating in the construction of the Bitcoin ecosystem, everyone can be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Participation Period of the “Helsinki”

The current “Helsinki” plan will start from January 17th and last until February 17th, 2024, with a duration of one month. Click here to enter the “Helsinki” plan page and participate in the event.

Projects List of BEVM “Helsinki”

  1. Official Bridge:
  • URL:
  • Project Description: BEVM’s official cross-chain bridge, enabling a completely decentralized Bridge from Bitcoin to BEVM.
  • Task: Transfer any amount of $BTC/BRC20 assets from Bitcoin to BEVM.
  • Reward Points: 50 points

2. OmniBTC:

  • URL:
  • Project Description: An omnichain defi platform supporting cross-chain swap on BEVM.
  • Task: Bridge any amount of $WBTC from Arbitrum to BEVM.
  • Reward Points: 30 points

3. BEVM Followers Holders OAT:

4. Bevscriptions:

  • URL:
  • Project Description: The first inscription platform on BTC L2 — BEVM.
  • Task: Place a buy or sell order in the inscription market(don’t need to finish the deal).
  • Reward Points: 30 points

5. Owlto Finance:

  • URL:
  • Project Description: Owlto Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge focusing on L2, offering ‘safe, fast, cheap, and easy-to-use’ services.
  • Task: Complete any cross-chain transaction to the BEVM Canary Network.
  • Reward Points: 30 points

6. Soulbound:

  • URL:
  • Project Description: SOULBOUND Protocol is the first decentralized platform in the Bitcoin Ecosystem, designed to provide fair rewards and investment opportunities to all participants based on their contributions.
  • Task: Claim a free POAP at Soulbound.
  • Reward Points: 20 points

7. Dsyncle:

  • URL:
  • Project Description: Dsyncle is a Web3 instant messaging tool driven by transactions, built on the Nostr/Tradivi(Cake)/Sketch protocols. It supports EVM and BEVM use cases and seamlessly integrates CEX/DEX/DeFi trading scenarios.
  • Task: Complete one swap transaction.
  • Reward Points: 30 points

8. BL2Rune:

  • URL:
  • Project Description: BL2Rune is a Rune launch platform built on #BEVM, utilizing its virtual machine and decentralized application layer to establish new Rune standards.
  • Task: Place a buy or sell order in the inscription market.
  • Reward Points: 20 points


  • URL:
  • Project Description: The first SRC-20 social inscriptions protocol and launchpad.
  • Task: Stake ip.share.
  • Reward Points: 30 points

Let’s work together to build a more prosperous Bitcoin ecosystem!