January 28, 2024

BEVM Echo Points Program

TL;DR, BEVM launched Echo Points Program, inviting users who Follow @BTClayer2 and join the Discord can win exclusive Points.

BEVM is an EVM-compatible Bitcoin layer2, aiming to enhance the usability of $BTC and the scalability of the Bitcoin network, thereby continuously maintaining the security of the Bitcoin network. The vision of BEVM is to bring 10% of bitcoin into the BEVM ecosystem. Realizing this grand vision requires many extraordinary builders, developers, advocates, and influencers. To this end, in the past few months, we have released the free Mint of BEVM Whitepaper NFT to unite users on the Bitcoin network; launched the BEVM OG NFT to initially establish the BEVM community; cultivated BEVM seed users through the First #Odyssey; united various talents through the ongoing global ambassador recruitment program; improved the infrastructure with the testnet Fullnode incentive program; and helped the BEVM ecosystem debut with the ongoing Helsinki Plan.

However, through feedback from community OGs and early participants, we realized that many community builders have rich community resources. They use X and Discord as bases to help BEVM build global user communities and enhance the communities’ influence. Based on this, we decided to launch the BEVM Echo Points Program, aimed at thanking and welcoming all who can help BEVM expand its social media and community influence.

What should I do if I am a community influencer?

  1. Visit
  1. Connect Wallet
  2. Verify Wallet and Sign the Transaction
  1. If you land the page via a referral link, you can get 10 initial Points.
  1. Follow @BTClayer2 on X and join BEVM Discord, then click "Auth".
  2. After authorization, you can click the mark below to get your points.

7. You can also click "Invite friends to earn more Echo Points" to win unlimited points and check your rank below. Each confirmed invitation will give you 10 points(invitees need to sign the Transaction via referral link and verify their X accounts).

How Can We Use Echo Points?

Echo Points is designed to reward users who always actively announce BEVM community on social media. It can be earned easily and exchanged for BEVM mainnet token in the future. Please note, no closing date has been set for the Echo Points Program now.



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