May 30, 2024

Million Runes Airdrop Phase 3: For Genesis NFT Holders and the Whole Community

Welcome to Phase 3 of our 'Million Runes Airdrop' Incentive Campaign! Following the successful conclusion of Phase 2, where ORDINALS•RUNE were distributed to our OG NFT and Whitepaper NFT Holders, we now turn our focus to Genesis Box holders and the broader community. Everyone is invited to join this exciting campaign!

Timeline: June 5 - July 5 (One Month)  
Participants: Whole Community  
Prize Pool:   ORDINALS•RUNE & $60,000,000 ( for BVB)
Prize Distribution: Divided by ECO Points (gained from voting)

How to Earn ECO Points:

Special ECO Points Expedition for Genesis Box Holders:

Genesis Box (GBX) is an early ecosystem asset that rewards users who supported us during the Mainnet launch. Holders can open their Genesis Box to receive a random number of ECO Points, ranging from 1000 to 2000, influenced by their on-chain activity. Note that the Genesis Box will be consumed upon opening.

Inviting Users:

Users who enter the voting page by using an invitation code (invitee) will receive a 5% points boost. The inviter will earn 5% of the points from each vote cast by the invitee.


Community members can vote for their favorite protocol on the voting page to earn Eco Points. Each vote earns 100 points, and a corresponding points leaderboard will track progress. All votes are conducted on-chain, and there is no limit to the number of votes per user. However, please use your votes wisely, as they may influence your rewards. Finally, community members can claim ORDINALS.RUNES based on their ECO Points. 

What Else?

ECO Points come from our upcoming ecosystem voting page with our BVB(BEVM Visionary Builders) plan, allowing the community to support their favorite protocols while earning ECO Points for their engagement. The BEVM Team has allocated assets worth $60 million to be distributed among ecosystem projects involved in the ECO Points activity and users participating in the voting process. The distribution of BEVM tokens will be based on the proportion of ECO Points earned by participating users.

For project teams, voting results will partially determine their ranking in the Grant (BEVM Ecosystem Fund Incentive Program). For voters, all community members can support their favorite projects, with high voting power influencing future rewards.