February 3, 2024

BEVM Testnet Validators Registration Open

TL;DR As part of our efforts to establish a mature node operating system for the forthcoming BEVM Mainnet, we’re excited to announce the opening of our Testnet Validators Registration!

This initiative serves as the backbone of our mission to create a secure and efficient BEVM network, paving the road to a thriving environment both for builders and users.

Earlier on 25th, Jan, we announced BEVM Testnet Fullnode Program and reached more than 38,000 fullnodes, helping BEVM step forward to a more decentralized and secure network.

Today, we’re happy to share that our Testnet Validators Registration is now open!

Validators, as a pivotal part responsible for verifying transactions and creating new blocks through a process of consensus, enable BEVM to become an efficient and trustworthy BTC Layer2.

Each Testnet validator will be asked to go through a full process of node operating and will be potentially selected for the pool of our BEVM Mainnet validators. For Testnet Validators, you are eligible for BEVM token reward. For BEVM Mainnet Validators, they can get extra BEVM token commission based on the amount of BEVM token users staked.

📝Fill out this form if you are interested in it:

Please note that the registration period concludes on February 20, 2024.

What We’re Looking For?

For Testnet Validator Registration, our main objectives include:

  • Testing the full progress of Validator, including selection, withdrawal, producing blocks, slashing, etc to perfect a mature node running system to create a thriving BTClayer2.
  • Making sure the staking rewards are normally distribution, and the changes of BEVM Mainnet token and BTC balance are in alignment.
  • Foster a growing ecosystem for potential validator operators.

What You Can Get?

  • BEVM Token Reward, the detailed amount will be announced soon.
  • Potential opportunity to be Mainnet validator.
  • Understand the process of BEVM governance mechanism.
Hardware Requirements
Other Program

Over the past few months, we have received immense support from the community through various initiatives, such as Whitepaper NFT, OG NFT, Testnet Fullnode operation, the Helsinki program, and ambassador recruitment.

These efforts have laid the foundation for building a robust community and are instrumental in advancing BEVM towards becoming the next generation of BTC Layer2.

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